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Golden Retriever and Golden Doodle Puppies



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Welcome to Island Farm Goldens! We are a Golden Retriever breeder in Minnesota offering Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale and Golden Doodle Puppies For Sale. If you would like to inquire about our puppies for sale, please contact us.

The Golden Retriever dog breed is one that is considered to be a best buddy, friend, and loyal companion. A Golden Retriever puppy will be very playful and pal around with you and your family for hours.

Golden Retriever Pups

This dog breed is known for its beautiful coat and feathered coat. Goldens come in many colors, cream and blonde are the most common while darker red colors are more of a rarity. At Island Farm Retrievers we have all 3 colors available.

The Golden Retriever will have a broad chest and sturdy muscular form, with kind brown eyes, and a black wet nose. The Golden Retriever Dog breed is loved by both children and adults alike. The dogs are loyal, confident, and sweet and also love to please. As puppies they are very active, loving and considered to be an outstanding family dog.

The Golden Retriever has many different talents including, retrieving, hunting, detecting narcotics, agility races, and above all a great addition to your family. Golden Retriever puppies love swimming, playing outside, and performing tricks along with learning their obedience.

With their kind gentle faces and loving eyes the Golden Retriever is considered the best family dog. Bringing your new Golden Retriever puppy home will be very exciting!

Golden Retrievers are lovers in every sense of the word. This dog breed is one of a kind and will remain a prefect family pet for many years to come.

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